The Best Live Chat & Live Reception Services

to enhance your healthcare support

The healthcare industry can be a challenging environment. Every call to your practice, clinic, or care home must be handled securely with the utmost empathy.

Give your patients the connection that comes with talking to a real person and maintain the quality care they expect.

24/7 Medical Reception

Ensure every patient receives the same warm, professional

response with an affordable healthcare answering service.

Urgent call handling

Choose the best urgent call handling procedure for your

practice and never miss an emergency.

After-Hours Medical Reception

Your virtual medical receptionists follow your chosen call flow,

provide information, and securely record patient messages, 24/7.

Powerful On-Site Support

Use your virtual receptionists to answer website patient

queries on your website via secure live chat.

Email and Chat

Add email and live chat support to your healthcare answering

service to engage on-site visitors and offer 24/7 email support.

Appointment Scheduling

We seamlessly schedule appointments into your

existing calendar or input them into your CRM.

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