The Best Live Chat & Live Reception Services

to enhance your law firm

From corporate to family to criminal law, your callers are treated with the professional courtesy they expect from a bespoke legal answering service.

24/7 Live Call Answering

Your virtual receptionists answer calls, handle questions,

and take messages to help you land more clients.

Lead Qualification

Vetting callers is time-consuming but essential. Our qualified legal

receptionists qualify leads, giving you time to focus on your clients.

After-Hours Answering

Our team of professional virtual receptionists handles your

calls during evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Powerful On-Site Support

Use your virtual receptionists to answer website visitor

queries on your website via secure live chat.

Call Routing and Transfer

Streamline legal intake and designate your own routing rule

to direct inbound calls to the right person at the right time.

Appointment Scheduling

We seamlessly schedule appointments into your

existing calendar or input them into your legal practice’s CRM.

Why it works

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